Friday, May 27, 2011

Terraria Lets Player's

For those who enjoy watching Terraria lets plays I made a small list of lets players you may or may not enjoy. I will link to you there First video in there series and I will try to give you a little more details about there channel.

SlyFox a commentator with a crazy personality and makes even the dullest moments entertaining.
Click here for the first video in his Terraria series.

Ihascupquake a female gamer who usually does multiplayer games with her friends. One of which is seananners.
Click here for the first video of her Terraria lets play.

Themminecraftnoobs a group of friends who post them playing together and separately. They also play with there viewers and if you want to watch a video with them and there viewers click here.

There are 3 other great lets players that I can think of but I believe most people already know them. The ones I am talking about are seannaners, yogscast (bluexephos), paperbatvg.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and have a nice day.

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